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Re: Loading files at startup in Win95

Nice try, guys. I used both your techniques. I tried Nathan's suggestion of
putting XWSTART.INT in the \Windows directory. \XW was already in my path.
But when I click on a Xywrite document instead of the Xywrite logo, I still
get a "Logon not recognized" error message. Any other ideas?

Richard A. Sherer
resident lurker

At 12:41 AM 1/11/98 +0900, you wrote:
>Nathan Sivin wrote:
>>The recent thread reminds me of a quirk when running XW under Win95
>>(whose PATH seemingly includes only COMMAND and WINDOWS). . . .
>I dimly remember that the XyWin installation routine offers to add XyWin to
>the path, an addition it says is necessary. Anyway, a simple way to solve
>this quirk is, er, to put XW on the path. Simply have a PATH statement in
>AUTOEXEC, just as if you were running DOS rather than Win95. Because of
>course when you're running Win95 you *are* running DOS. . . .
>Peter Evans