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New Files for Downloading

In addition to ENHANCE.ZIP and XYBASIC.ZIP, posted for
downloading last week, I have just posted two new contributions
by Annie Fisher (OKAnnie), !B.ZIP and STRIP.ZIP. Here are
descriptions of all four, which are also listed in the new
version of CATALOG.DOC.

!B.ZIP      9240 12-10-95  9:38a By Annie Fisher
(OKAnnie): a compact utility that performs a wide range of block
operations for XY3 & XY4 with single keystrokes.

ENHANCE.ZIP  262026 11-14-95  4:35p A set of enhanced menu
and keyboard functions for XY4 by Tim Baehr. This is in essence
a set of revised and added menus, dialogs, command set, and
keyboard that considerably expands the functions of XY4 for DOS.

STRIP.ZIP    9987 12-10-95  9:39a The freeware DOS utility
STRIP.EXE, which strips the EOF from the end of a file, along
with XPL programs by Annie Fisher that serve as a front end for
it in XY for DOS v. 3 & 4.

XYBASIC.ZIP  73106 11-20-95  1:36p Breakthrough or
curiosity? A basic-style programming language for XYIII+ by
Harry Binswanger. Allows people familiar with BASIC to write
programs that can be compiled into XPL. May be used with some
differences in XY4.

server cannot process "get" requests for binary files. You must
download them yourself using anonymous FTP.  All are stored in
the /pub/eaan directory. Starting from the system (usually
UNIX) prompt on your own university's computer system, execute
the following sequence of commands.  Note that they are
  ftp ccat.sas.upenn.edu
  (when prompted, give "anonymous" as your account name,
  and your full e-mail address as your password;
  You will be logged on and told you have restricted access)
  cd pub/eaan
  dir (to confirm that the file you want is in the [LISTNAME]
  get [FILENAME]
  (when you are finished, log off with "quit" to return to your

To get the files from your account (on a university computer,
etc.) to your personal computer via modem, see the documentation
of your own communications software.

Make sure file type is set to binary when you download.

NOTE: Because these files are binary, they are not in the
directory of the list server, and will not be listed by the INDEX

-- Nathan Sivin
History and Sociology of Science
University of Pennsylvania
Philadelphia PA 19104-3325