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Re: F5--and everything went black...

At 01:15 PM 6/27/2007,
Michael wrote:
At 03:52 AM 6/27/2007, Robert Holmgren wrote:
Shortcut Properties ==> General ==> Advanced, and you create a
special AUTOEXEC.NT (name it AUTOXY.NT or something) that
launches programs in this session only. And Finito.
Harry Binswanger wrote: As a Tame user, you don't need that. You
should have the call to Tame at the bottom of your AUTOEXEC.NT. Then
all you need in your shortcut is:

[full path]\editor.exe /e4000
and specify the working directory.
Could be a need, if your NotaBene8, like mine, presents anomalies
with TAME invoked. (Program is fussy enough without adding that.)
Thus the .bat, and now, thanks to RH, a discreet AutoXX.nt file.
Michael Norman