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Is anyone aware of a way in Windows 98 to redirect output
from one LPT: port to another? Here's my problem: The parallel port on my
(out of warrany) notebook computer is broken, and Dell would charge over
$300 to fix it. A cheaper solution would be to hook up to my computer a
USB hub that I happen to own. The hub has got a parallel port on it,
which installs with the name "LPTUSB1". In theory it will
support DOS applications. The only problem is that XyWrite (and all other
DOS applications that I'm aware of) won't let you specify a printer port
like "LPTUSB1": They expect names like LPT1: or LPT2:. If,
though, I could get Windows to automatically redirect all output from
LPT1: to LPTUSB1, I'd be in business.
Or, does anyone know of a USB hub that's got a parallel port on it, and which it names LPT2:?
Thanks for any suggestions you might have.