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Re: what about nota bene

no problem with keeping it. I just found it was not worth using.

andy t

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Sent: Thursday, January 01, 2009 3:42 PM
Subject: Re: what about nota bene

Andy, Did you get it to stay up for long? I downloaded the demo in a moment of desperation and it just constantly stalled and blew up. Peter Andy Turnbull wrote:
people talk about nota bene as though it were an updated xywrite. I tried it, and thought it was more like word than like xywrite. things I like about xy -- being able to write without formatting first -- being able to change margins etc fast and easy -- one step combinations to remove a word, or to the end of a line, or to the end of a sentence, or a paragraph -- 9 windows -- command line controls, not mouse -- being able to write cusom routines into the keyboard. (I started with New York Times keyboard, now highly customized from there) -- wonderful spell check, much better than word very simple operation. When I started I had an it guy who set it up to work like a typewriter, and then we added custom features as we thought of them and so forth did I miss something in nota bene? I just tried it for a few times, then gave up because it seemed to want me to make a lot of decisions -- the kind of decisions I leave to typesetters -- before I started writing. If it can actually work like XYwrite, in a windows program, that would be great. andy t
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