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New computer

I expect I'll be calling Robin King soon. I was thinking of going out
there anyway to get a couple extra megs of RAM. With both you guys
calling him he probably figures he owes me.
  You're probably right to get a big drive although my experience has
been that the amount of junk you have in storage expands to fill the
space allotted for it. When I had a 30 meg drive I was always about 90
percent full and now that I've got an 80 meg drive I'm still 90 percent
full. A lot of it is useless stuff like soft fonts I never use. Still,
looking back I wish I'd gotten a 100 or 120 megger.
  OK, so maybe the drives weren't _under_ 15ms. They were close,
weren't they? Don't shatter my illusions of technical competence.
  Good luck on your purchase. Let me know what happens.