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Re: R: xy windows [again]

** Reply to note from xywrite@xxxxxxxx Tue, 15 Dec 1998 21:53:16 +0900

>> If real WYSIWYG is your preference, XyWin delivers
>> (albeit in its buggy way).

> Er, more or less. Note that there's no effort to represent justification
> (which I think is A Good Thing if it speeds things up), but also that
> using certain fonts (particularly emboldened ones) causes the right end
> of your [printable] text to spill over into the invisible right hand
> margin when you're looking at it in graphic mode.

Untrue, on my system at least. First of all, it *must* spill over if your
size is large enough, or your screen small enough. You have an
interaction of at least two different VAriables here: Wrap_to_Fit
(VAWF), which must be zero for JUstification to occur; and JU itself,
which must be on or "JU" (as opposed to NJ). Now, I think if you poll
these VAriables on your system, e.g. "va/nv
WF", you're gonna find one that is incompatibly set for JUstification
to be displayed. Try it (va/nv JU should say "JU").

Robert Holmgren