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Re: Failed saves

** Reply to note from eric.van_tassel@xxxxxxxx (eric.van_tassel@xxxxxxxx) Sun, 22 Dec 96 08:31:09 +0000
> Has anyone else had this experience? Sometimes, after working on a perfectly
> normal-seeming file, I find that "SAve" produces an irrational-sounding error message,
> along the lines of "File not found" (sorry, I haven't kept notes on this thing).]

The error message that I get from time to time is "Specify filename", as though the
file were an Untitled file, when in fact it has a name. Clearing the command
line and repeating the SAve command usually makes the error disappear. I've not
attempted to isolate the condition that causes the error, except to observe that,
whatever it is, it's not obvious. No apparent relation to what's on the command line,
or to the contents of the file. Weird.

Carl Distefano * * * CLDistefano@xxxxxxxx