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Re: New XyWrite release

** Reply to note from chasby@xxxxxxxx 11/05/95 07:06am EST

>  > >> Ken: > >>  > >> As you write the code, how about
keeping in mind a possible  Lotus-like port > >> to OS/2? > >>
- Andy > >>  > >Yesssss!!! > > > >Marv Katz >  > AND DOUBLE
YESSSSS!!! Now, _that_ would be insanely great. > Well, yes
too. I have no use for a Windows product, being happy with
XyDos. After all I write, I don't publish. But an OS/2 product
would  remove the last dos program from my machine. On the
other hand, we are  wasting our breath (our bits); we've been
told "no" any number of times.  Even with a oem xyos2 out
there, we were told no. Why would we think it  would change


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