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Dear Andrew:

The /E switch allows you to increase or decrease the amount of expanded memory
XyWrite will use, freeing up conventional memory. XyWrite will automatically
use up to 4MB if you omit the switch for dictionary files, help files, menu
files, and overflow files. If you do not want XyWrite to use any expanded
memory, at the DOS prompt type EDITOR/e0. If you want XyWrite to use 2MB of
expanded memory, at the DOS prompt type EDITOR/e2000. There is no particular
value that will allow you to check how much expanded memory XyWrite is using.

If you're loading a ;U2; file in your STARTUP.INT file (especially our Sample
Set file) make sure you're also loading our menu and dialog files. Our Sample
Set file has global routines that may need to refer to the menu and dialog

To simplify the process of formatting pages, several formatting commands have
been modified. As a result of these changes, you may need to format your files
a little differently. Most commands that have to do with Page Layout need to
be placed at the very beginning of your document (before any text) - Page
Width, Top Margin, Bottom Margin, Ford Depth, Running Headers/Footers, and
Offset). If these commands are not placed at the beginning of your document,
they will not take effect until the next page. If you're trying to change one
of these commands for a particular page, make sure the command is on the page
preceding the page you want to effect or on the top of the very top of the page
you want to effect.