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Re: CAlling a Binary File

Here is frame CAB. XYDECode it, DeFine it, and issue ADD2U2
to add it to U2.

Probably an artifact of my system--DOSBox on a Mac--but I get what looks like a faithful paste of the encoded frame, do the decode, again, no apparent trouble; but ADD2U2 fails with this message: "Bad or incomplete frame DeFined - Abort." Sending this along just in case--a really long shot--there's an issue with the frame as emailed.

On Wed, Feb 6, 2013 at 11:51 PM, Kari Eveli lexitec@xxxxxxxx wrote:
>The original file is not
changed and stays out of harm's way. CAB works with any binary format
(.EXE, .COM, .PDF, .ZIP, .MSI, etc., etc.); it does a good job of
rendering the text portions of Word (.DOC) files (once you scroll
past the initial garbage).

This is quite nice. Incidentally, DOS Word 5.0 (not Y2K compliant, but which I still use) or 5.5 (Y2K compliant and freeware: http://download.microsoft.com/download/word97win/Wd55_be/97/WIN98/EN-US/Wd55_ben.exe) can call binary files, and one can do search and replace and save the file as text (unformatted). Of course, a hex editor is less tricky.

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