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Re: U2 and Vdos (was . . . .)

Reply to note from Bill Troop  Wed, 18 Mar 2015
02:49:01 +0000


> I wonder if these are fixes to different problems?

Actually, I misspoke. The order in which KBD and U2 are loaded is not
important; what matters is that both KBD and U2 have been loaded
before the call to XyWebU2.int. However, since XyWebU2.int has been
giving you and others trouble, I still think the simplest solution is
to delete the line that says "JM 2.XyWebU2.intQ2 " from STARTUP.INT.
I plan to rebuild XyWebU2.int from the ground up in the next release
of U2, whenever that may be.

Carl Distefano