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RE: Happy99.exe

IMO, any person spreading viruses via this list should be removed from 
this list,
without hesitation.  Zero tolerance.  No excuses accepted.

 >From what I understand, Happy99 is not a virus. All it does is resend 

That aside, there has to be room in the world for people to learn from 
their mistakes. I think that applies to a "virus" that sends itself 
without the knowledge or will of its "victim".

Besides, it's your responsibility not to run an attachment that you think 
might be a virus or other nasty. In other words, you're responsible for 
your own machine. An email attachment can't just run itself, and an email 
message can't run at all.

Other people may do naive or foolish things, but that doesn't mean they 
should be nuked. Instead, they should be taught -- and that is how the 
situation here has been handled (quite beautifully, IMO).

On the other hand, if someone is clearly using the list for mischievous 
ends, or worse, then of course they should be removed from the list.

Let's chock it up to education and experience, and be glad we use a text 
editor which truly is safe in this regard.