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Re: VA|01

** Reply to message from "B. Gillessen"  on Mon, 11 Nov
2002 16:49:24 +0100

> What is "VA|01" about? It is contained in portable.int - but seems to
> cause an error message in my euroscript-version. My XPL documentation
> seems also not to treat it in any way.

It's a faster method of getting the size of a variable (aka Save/Get). E.g.:
> should return "5". Equivalent to
)> but faster and pithier -- and bulletproof, because if IS01
doesn't exist, or was never initialized, the @SIZ version will crash. Of
course, you could always say )>, which won't crash even if
S/G 01 doesn't exist. EuroScript may not have been based on the latest code
(EuroScript for Windows should accept it, though). It is documented in
Xy4|XyWin, but very briefly (you need a bloody magnifying glass)... p.235 of
Xy4 Customization Guide

> Being somewhat stumped (or stupid?) and
> desperately looking forward to the point in time when digitized XPL manuals
> will become available ...

Me too! What bliss...

Robert Holmgren