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Re: Tame goes wrong

I'm returning to the list after long, long absence, and will likely mostly lurk, as I am more a nostalgia subscriber than a working contributor, but can someone tell me how to get subscribed to a daily digest version rather than real time? I'm in no hurry, and prefer scrolling down over opening up a box full of postings one by one.

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--- On Sun, 1/1/12, John Paines wrote:

From: John Paines
Subject: Tame goes wrong
To: "xywrite@xxxxxxxx"
Date: Sunday, January 1, 2012, 12:01 PM

After installing  (and then uninstalling) Tame 6.0 on an XPSP3/Xywrite III+ system, XyWrite no longer displays correct foreground/background color, and what it *is* displaying is all but useless (invisible cursor, etc).  Fooling with the color panel (right-click on the bar, if running Xywrite in a window) can change the color result, but not to the correct one.  The printer file line reads MD NM=14 (yellow text on black background), which has worked for years (until now).

Oddly, Tame correctly implements the Xywrite color code and reproduces it in the Tame window (yellow on black).  But Tame doesn't respect all keyboard assignments, so it's not all that useable.

"System restore" isn't working properly either, so that's not an option.  Ideas?