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XyWrite Mailing List

Welcome to 2017!

Here is useful information for subscribers to the XyWrite mailing list

(1) Subscriptions
To subscribe, unsubscribe, or suspend your subscription, to turn
Digest mode on or off, or to get help, point your browser here:
Next to "User Options", type in your e-mail address; use the
pulldown menu to select the desired option, then click "Go".

(2) Archives
To browse or search List archives from June 2009), go here:

(3) XySearch
To search predecessor forums for posts extending back to 1991, go here:

(4) XyWWWeb
To download the Jumbo U2 customization file, the latest vDosPlus
installer for XyWrite, and for a wealth of other XyWrite-related
information, go here:

(5) vDosPlus
Wengier Wu's vDosPlus is the easiest way for users of XyWrite for DOS,
Nota Bene for DOS, and many other DOS programs to continue to enjoy
their favorite programs in a 64-bit Windows world. For information and
downloads, visit the vDosPlus home page:

(6) vDosPlus Installer for XyWrite
For the latest release of the vDosPlus Installer for XyWrite, go here:

(7) XyWrite Utilities
For information about other virtualization options and other useful
links for users of XyWrite and Nota Bene for DOS, visit Kari Eveli's
Utilities page:

Best wishes for the New Year!

Carl Distefano