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Re: XYW under 32-bit Windows

Thanks for making the xywrite diversity case. I multi boot via dos 6.2
directly to xywrite or windows or linux where word perfect is the gui
word processor. be great to port xywrite to linux and bid farewell to
ralph gray
On Mon, 2 Sep 2002 12:14:00 -0400 Patricia M Godfrey 
> I've been running both the DOS and Windows versions of XyWrite under
> Windows 95 since March 1999, and under Windows 98 since last
> January. The
> only time I had any problems was when I foolishly tried to run XyDos
> with
> a major 32-bit Windows app (I think it was WordPerfect) open, and
> that
> with only 32 Mb of RAM in the system. Otherwise, no problems. But I
> am
> extremely nearsighted and have a 13-inch monitor, which means I run
> at a
> 640 X 480 resolution, and use the 25-line screen; anything more and
> I
> couldn't see what I'm typing. I gather from various postings here
> that
> problems can arise when working at higher resolutions, esp. on LCDs,
> but
> that there are workaround.
>     With Windows 95 and 98, you can always run the DOS 7 that
> underlies them
> by rebooting into DOS. Just click Start, Shut Down, and instead of
> Shut
> Down, Reboot, or (in 98) Standby, chose restart in DOS mode. You
> will get
> the familiar C> prompt, and can CD to your XyWrite directory and run
> it
> just as you did in days of yore. If you need the mouse, you'd need
> to
> load the DOS mouse driver, but you can create a batch file to do
> that,
> CD, and call EDITOR.EXE. Then there are various programs that let
> you
> "dual boot"; that is, you install different operating systems on
> different partitions of your hard drive, and choose which you want
> to run
> when you start up. But I have also heard that XyWrite runs quite
> well
> under DOS emulation on a Linux box. There is also something called
> Lindows, which is supposed to be a Linux implementation that can run
> some
> 32-bit Windows apps, but I gather it's still quite buggy.
>     By the by, has anyone any experience of a Linux app called
> (I think,
> because I don't have the reference here) Lyx? It's supposed to be a
> text-based typesetting app that can output to PDF or LaTex.
> Patricia