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Re: Vista

I thought the article was interesting as there is a lot of
anticipation about what will be in Vista.
And as Windows/PC users, there will be a concerted effort to migrate
you to that platform.

On Jan 6, 2006, at 12:54 PM, Harry Binswanger wrote:

> Dave Pogue had an article describing new things coming for Vista:

Anything there you thought was useful? I didn't see anything.

Me neither. It talks about the features taken from the Mac OS X. I
have a Mac with OS X and I don't find it noticeably easier to use than Windows.

I would agree that a lot of the things described are not NECESSARY
for an OS.
Much of that, the Dashbord widgets, Spotlight, and Expose, are handy
and i use them ever so often on my laptop that has Tiger installed.
As for my other macs, that I haven't upgraded to Tiger and doesn't
have any of these extras, they still work fine and i don't miss them.
But I wouldn't call them a necessity.
(However i DO use and have used iPhoto to create several books of my
photographs. Pretty nice for an application that came with my computer.)
Of course, the Pogue column was about the GUI, not what's (hopefully) under the hood.

I think until more people have copies of Vista, we won't know what is
going on under the hood.