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Re: Footnotes/Endnotes formatting

Paul's suggestion is similar to mine. Be sure that you initialize things
with the pfunc SP (show page) or it won't work.

Michael Norman wrote:
Meanwhile, you can indeed imbed [embed, Patricia?] a page number in the footnote string, to wit: «FN1«PN» Tsunoda, «MDIT»Issai Yume Ni Gozako«MDNM». But the number that prints (when you DF, as I'm going to do) is the number of the last page (where the notes are dumped), not the page where the footnote appears in the text. What I need is a routine that puts the page number (the value of PN for each note, the page on which that note appears) in the note itself when it prints. If I have to put those numbers in by hand, whew. I don't think a counter is the answer, but then....
I'd think that a loop that moved through the document, looking for every instance of «PN», cutting it, and inserting VA$PG for that location would do it. I'd do it by first saving va$pg to a macro «sx01,«va$pg»», for example, and then «pv01» at the cursor, though there may be a simpler way.


Harry Binswanger