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Re: v112 U2--just to clarify

Reply to note from Judith Davidsen  Tue, 03
Sep 2002 23:21:29 -0400


> I think this got lost in the email.
> Is there something I should be doing, or should I just forget
> it?

I could have sworn that one of us answered this. Guess not. The
short answer is, just forget it. The longer answer:

> [1.] frames 5runcmd, 5sw, 5go2dos, 5qpd "no longer contain user
> variables."

There's nothing to do, because these frames no longer contain user

> [2.] frames 5cite, 5relabel, 5ezinstal, 5swapword, 5go and
> 5expand were "removed from help." Cite, relabel and go now seem
> to exist as the same names followed by * but ezinstal, swapword
> and expand don't show up in v112 at all. Should I be doing
> something?

You may have to manually port your user var edits to these frames --
if you made any edits, that is. Chances are, you didn't, in which
case there's nothing to do.

> [3.] frames 5finito, 5nws, 5printenv, 5ddeoed, and 5xff got the
> comment "S/G mismatch: stop processing frame."

Again, if you didn't change any of these frames, there's nothing to
do. If you did, you'll have to revisit them.

You're going to love the new Registry. User var backup and restore
is out the window. Just edit and SAve a plain-text file; do it
once, then fuhgeddaboutit. Real soon now!

Carl Distefano