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RE: Unicomp Keyboard with left function keys

An example. Say you want to have ctrl-F12 put out Win+R. You write
this code:
^F12::Send #r

If you want to do that only in XyWrite, you can do it with an
IfWinActive EDITOR.EXE statement. If you are going to have several
key assignments for only XyWrite, you do this:

^F12::Send #r
#IfWinActive  <=== turns off the limitation to XyWrite

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Reply to note from Harry Binswanger  Wed, 07 Dec
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> For those who use PC, not Mac, AutoHotkey allows reprogramming
of any
> key to any series of keystrokes--and to much, much more.

I second Harry -- and will add that, for reprogramming keys,
AutoHotkey is head-and-shoulders better than AutoIt (the latter,
however, being the superior general-purpose Windows scripting
language). My experience with AutoIt is that reprogrammed keys,
a/k/a hotkeys, wreak havoc with the system -- shifting keys
"stick" like crazy -- and the documented fixes are unreliable. Not
to mention that the syntax for setting hotkeys is byzantine. With
AutoHotkey, on the other hand, it's easy -- and, more important,
it works.

Carl Distefano