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Re: Various virtual machines compared

I don't know what keys you are using for cursor movement but I have found that you cannot use any key combination for cursor movement in Tame. I always use Ctrl-Left Arrow to jump left one word. This has never worked properly in Tame but will work if you program the same movement to a singe key such as left-arrow on the number keypad. I never found a solution for this in spite of some exchanges with the developer.

Paul Breeze
Here are some relevant lines from my customization files, if you feel like
blind experimentation. This from 5.1 Pre-release 9, C:\My Documents\Tame


  ;;* Change repeat rates
; /KeyGroupDef GroupName=Text RepeatRate = 45 ; rate is in chars per secon
; /KeyGroupDef GroupName=LeftRight1   RepeatRate = 60 ; left/right cursor

  ;; Also move keys to a different repeat rate group
; /KeyGroupDef GroupName=LeftRight1 IncludeChar='^J' ; Note hat ctl-J is XY keycode 289 with BIOS, 36 if not BIOS mode
; /KeyGroupDef GroupName=UpDown1    IncludeChar='^V', '^T'

; /KeyGroupDef GroupName = Action
; /KeyGroupDef GroupName = Control
  ;; Use the following for keys that:
  ;;  - Do not produce a BIOS scan code for DOS
  ;;  - Are tagged with NI in the KBD file

 /KeyGroupDef GroupName = SysRepeat
   Channel=WinMessage RepeatRate=-1

;;  Keys that do not produce a BIOS scan code for DOS
    IncludeScan=#27   ;** ';' key with ctl or alt

;;  Example of key tagged with NI in the KBD file
    IncludeScan=#53   ;** DEl

Does anyone know what language this is written in?
On 26/01/2013 05:07, Jon P wrote:
My VirtualPC 2007 balked at Win 3.11 and DOS 6. Wouldn't run them. That might be my installation error. But when I did get Windows 98 running under it, communication with Windows 7 was agonizingly slow--something Ed Mendelson also complains about with his Wordperfect DOS workarounds. Whereas XP Mode is instant.
I see why Harry wants Tame. It makes XY's display a lot more flexible
with fonts, window sizes, number of lines onscreen and other
customizations we weren't expecting back in the DOS days.
I'm still having intermittent cursor arrow-key movement problems and am
trying to figure out what triggers them, but otherwise Tame under XP Mode
runs smoothly for me.

Jon Pareles

From: "Kari Eveli" 
Subject: Re: Various virtual machines compared
Date: Thu, 24 Jan 2013 11:38:21 +0200

This may be. But why try to "Tame" an unwilling Windows
version, when you could run DOS under a virtual machine
without any need for it? After all, DOS does not need to be
tamed. The DOS/Win 3.11 w/DOS boxes under VirtualPC works
(under XP 32-bit at least) without any taming and just as a
dedicated DOS/Win 3.11 machine would.