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Re: Query concerning Windows ME and Win2000

Dear Mr. Holmgren,

I have Debian Linux 2.2 and Mandrake Linux 7.2 installed (one in each computer) but I don't have DOSEMU installed (as I can run XyWrite in pure DOS or Windows environment it has no sense to run it under emulation). I'll attempt to install it and if it's simple, I'll report.

Best regards, Manuel Castelao Robert Holmgren wrote: > To anyone who is running (or has access to) standard U.S. English > versions of Millennium Edition or NT 2000 (I'd also be interested in > as many flavors as possible of Linux under DOSEMU): > > Please open an MS-DOS Prompt, type "VER", and report to me (quote > *exactly*) what the system's response is. Shouldn't be more than one > line of characters. We need this so that XyWWWeb.U2 can discriminate > underlying operating systems. I have no current access to either of > the new M$ OSes, nor to any Linux except RedHat 6.0. Thanks in > advance. > > ---------- > Robert Holmgren > holmgren@xxxxxxxx > ----------