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Re: New XyWrite release

Mr. Frank:

For my part, I see no problem with a 15-18 MB footprint. Other
WPs are bigger, and hard disk space now costs less than $0.25 a
megabyte, anyway.

Neither is a longer loading time much of an issue. I load XyWin
at startup and leave it there (occasionally using it, too!) More
important is the document loading time and the program's "memory
footprint." I have found that version 4.12 takes up a fair chunk
of memory and creates the nastiest GPFs of any app I own when it
tramples outside its allotted space (something in the management
of print drivers, I suspect. Most of my GPF problems occur when
trying to load a new Windows print driver after printing to file
with a XyWrite driver.)

You have said that an OS/2 veriosn of XyWrite is not likely. A
question, then: Will the new 32-bit version of XyWrite for
Windows run under OS/2 Warp?

I eagerly await the new version. Thanks,

Doug Beeson
EDI World Institute
Montreal, Quebec, Canada beesond@xxxxxxxx