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XyWr versions questions

My knowledge of XyWrite is limited to the Windows version. Learning the XyWrite
command structure, an interesting experience in itself, has been complicated by
the program's many bugs and limitations. I need to make a decision about
whether to stay with XyWin or look elsewhere for a solid, quick, and flexible
text-oriented wp program. I would appreciate any suggestions or advice you
might wish to offer. Is there any announcement or speculation about a major
XyWin upgrade? Is XyWrite 4.x for DOS a quality product, or does it have some
of the same problems that daunt XyWin? Should I consider XyWrite 3.x? (I'm
spoiled by WYSIWYG and wonder if XyWrite 3.x has a graphic mode?) How well do
these programs operate in the Windows environment? Should I be looking at Nota
Bene, Signature, Q&A Write, or is there another product that I ought to be