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RE: NB 10 beta 21

I had asked about this from time to time, with not much in the way of answers. Even though
RH crafted that video guide some time ago on making various adjustments to render NB more
work-alike (and look-alike ?) to Xy, I made the assumption that this might well be out of date
by now, and no longer having sufficient relevance insofar as XPL or U2 were concerned --
particularly considering all the NB development that has taken place since then. NB must
be paying much more attention to other matters, and far less to legacy XPL support.

If this is something on his radar screen, I hope that some time after the dust settles on all
this RH might be updating that guide, especially in regard to U2.

At the moment, this won't greatly affect my specific and limited use of NB. But down the line,
and as a theoretical replacement or successor to Xy4, it likely would.


On Mon, 5/5/14, Michael Norman  wrote:

 Subject: RE: NB 10 beta 21
 To: xywrite@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
 Date: Monday, May 5, 2014, 10:28 AM

 That's my question as well, and the
 reason I have not installed NB betas,
 having purchased 10 when it was first announced, and am
 waiting for the full
 release. NO XPL or limited U2 would give me pause.

 Michael Norman