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Re: CPM>DOS? (Wordstar>XYWrite?)

"R. E. Stannard Jr." wrote:

> 1. Can an old Kaypro drive a modem, and what would be my cheapest route to
> getting an appropriate one. Speed isn't necessary.
> 2. Would sending by modem from a Kaypro (CPM) system to my desktop or
> laptop accomplish the conversion?
> 3. Would an early version of Laplink which I still have somewhere do the
> same thing, or does that have to be between matched operating systems?
> 4. Or is there some other route that would be simpler and/or cheaper.

Sorry to say that I can't answer any of your questions. I knew a journalist
that used a Kaypro CPM circa the early to mid-'80s, but haven't been in touch
them for well over a decade. You may have to trek through some obscure
to get these answers.

I don't think these old CP/M computers had much expansion capability, nor were

they the sort of gear that could be integrated into a network. (Which would
have been
an alternative to using a modem. And even if you were prepared to print out
from each disk, the printer drivers would likely be for dot matrix printers
that are
long extinct. You don't really know the condition of the magnetic media,
This sounds like a real toughie. Purchasing this hardware _may_ be cheaper,
but in
terms of time investment, a conversion service bureau is going to be much