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Sumbling around in Stack

Dear Carl, Robert - Thank you for the helpful messages
of 12-27 re Stack. I've read and re-read your helpful
instruction - & learned much. However, I still can't
figure out a good next move to avoid what I am
repeatedly doing: an inadvertent dumping of each
session's build-up of new cmds.

I'm using "Stack " & 2 or 3 minor variants
(In looking for new Stack avenues to study on cmd
saving, loading, etc. I inadvertently toss away my
accumulating new cmds, restore My.stk's default zero
balance and toss myself back to the "You stupid,
ignorant, s.o.b." place. (Only mentally, not

Might either of you have a clue to offer re what to
try now - to get around what I've done wrong, or have
not done, and should try?

Yahoo! for Good - Make a difference this year.