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I have been using XyWrite for many years and I am now seriously considering buying Nota Bene and would appreciate comments, suggestions, warnings,etc. 
I have no need for the scholarly features of Nota Bene, but I do like the fact that it is compatible with Windows.  I am concerned whether Nota Bene has the speed and capacity that XyWrite has under Windows XP, especially on files that are half of a  meg or more.  I understand all the formatting commands embedded in the documents are the same so that I can have access to all my old files and that I can continue to convert my files through Word for Word into Wordperfect 5.1 for printing.
Avrom Fischer
I am not computer literate like most of the people on the Userlist.  I am concerned that I am not sufficiently computer literate to handle the screen problems that many people have, particularly after they stop using xp..  Till now I have been using Windows XP but I am concerned that when I get my next computer I will not +be able to get drivers that are compatible with xp.
After 20 years of Xywrite, switching feels comparable to driving a new car.
Avrom Fischer
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