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Line Number Alignment

I've had a persistent but seemingly random problem with the
way the XY4.017 DOS line numbers align on the page, and
wonder if anyone else has seen it (and possibly knows what's
causing same.)

Numbers are supposed to align thus (Case 1):

 7 xxxxx
 8 xxxxx
 9 xxxxx
10 xxxxx
11 xxxxx

What I'm seeing is (Case 2, most frequent, usually not too

7 xxxxx
8 xxxxx
9 xxxxx
10 xxxxx
11 xxxxx

or, sometimes (Case 3, less frequent but unacceptable):

48 xxxxx
49 xxxxx
     50 xxxxx
     51 xxxxx

What's really perplexing is that the smallest revision on a
page can, apparently, trigger the problem. In one instance
that I was able to document, changing (tab)  to (tab)
(text) cured the misalignment.

Even more curious, a document that misaligns on one PC will
print perfectly on another PC even though the two are
configured identically (identical printer file and
printers--HP4+ PostScript with 8MB--under OS/2.)

I'm placing the line numbers in a different font and size
from the body text, but otherwise nothing too fancy is going
on in the document.

The alignment problem seems to come and go at random. Once
the bug strikes, even rebooting the PC and printer won't get
rid of it. Yet making a few minor revisions in the text
often fixes things.

Any thoughts on this one would be most appreciated!

     Tom Hawley