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Re: eeeditor

Rafe, for about 18 months I've been running a Xy4-Dosemu setup on a
desktop using Ubuntu (and such Ubuntu-related Linux distributions as
Xubuntu and Linux Mint) and Sidux, on a IBM X40 laptop using Ubuntu
7.10, and on bootable USB drives with Linux, so I was interested to read
your posting.

There were several bumps -- first time invoking it failed with what's apparently a common error in Intrepid Ibex, easily enough fixed.
This conflict with Dosemu first showed up in Ubuntu 8.04, and is found
also in versions of Linux Mint derived from Ubuntu 8.04 (Mint 5) and
8.10/Intrepid Ibex (Mint 6), but the location of the fix moved from 8.04
to 8.10. Yes it's easily fixed, but if you're upgrading from Ubuntu 7.10
to 8.04 and don't know why Dosemu installs but won't run, it's pretty
Alt-BkSpace, which I use almost every other minute to delete the previous word under XyWrite, does not work under Dosemu, but I am hoping that might be fixed, because development seems to be active and ongoing.
Have you had any crashes using "CTRL+c"? I've found that any repeated
use of that key combo will crash Xy4 on Dosemu, though not Dosemu
itself, and have simply stopped using that combo in Xy4 as a precaution.
That has been the one significant adjustment I've had to make.
What suprised me most of all was that on a whim, I tried ty, 1 on a document I had onscreen -- lo and behold, the HP deskjet on my print server was turning out a very handsomely-formatted page; underline and bold also work.
This will work, I believe, if XyWrite has a printer file for your printer; in my case, I needed to tweak the printer settings in .dosemurc and use POSTGHST.PRN, and it took a little while to figure that out.
Somewhat recently I fully understood one small advantage that Xy4 on
Linux-Dosemu has over Xy4 on Windows-DOS. A Linux symbolic link is not
seen as a link file but as transparent link, so a symbolic link to
directory X shows up in Xy4 not as X.LNK but as X and can be cd'd to and
have its contents displayed. Likewise, opening a symbolic link to a file
named FILE in Xy4 will open FILE, not FILE.LNK.

Paul Lagasse