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Re: ASCII zeroes (Bialler)

** Reply to note from xywrite@xxxxxxxx Thu, 15 Jan 1998 17:26:22 -0500

> Robert Holmgren wrote:

>> Are you sure that you're getting an Ascii-0? How do you know?
>> XyWrite usually discards Ascii-0s when it saves to disk, and you can't see
>> Ascii-0 (unless you alter your screen font), and you can't (ordinarily) SEarch
>> for Ascii-0 -- so how do you know it's Ascii-0?
> Robert,
> I just created a test file in 4.17 for DOS. I entered an ascii-zero with
> alt+shift+0 from the numerical keypad. As you noted, I couldn't see it,...
> but when I went to the command line and entered se |alt+shift+0| the
> cursor placed itself directly after the place where I had keyboarded it.
> I then moved on to the dos prompt... 
> I entered this command: 
> type test 
> DOS returned this value: 00
> Am I missing something?

That's not Ascii-0. That's Ascii-255 + Ascii-48 + Ascii-48. You said
yourself "DOS returned this value: 00". Two zeroes, chum.

Robert Holmgren