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Re: your mail

Dear Carl
Even though you are much younger than me you too may be beginning to show signs of aging.  I was a Nota Bene 3 user, not a Xy3 user, who switched to Xywrite 4.
All kidding aside, thank you for your advice on installing Jumbo U2. 
btw no one has answered my question what is nag mode.  
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Not the 90th time (it only feels that way!).  No, there is no downside to installing the Jumbo U2 -- no downside at all.  It occupies a measly 1 megabyte of disk space and a minuscule amount of RAM.

You do understand, though, that U2 is for XyWrite _4_ and later.  If I recall correctly, you're a XyWrite 3 user.  U2 does NOT work with Xy3.



Carl Distefano
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