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puzzling win 98 SE event

I'm a writer and Xy user since II+ (1985), now on
4.18, and use my ancient machine with WIN 98 SE solely
for writing, email, and Internet research.

The other day I lost my DSL connection and a few hours
later it was restored. A couple of days later it
disappeared again, and several hours later came back.

The second time I could not find my main directory
where I keep all my Xywrite document directories and
files (c:\docs). (Not \XY4 with its operating files.)

When I did a search for it I found it under a new
directory: c\csextras\docs. The only two other
subdirectories there were \desktop and \icons. I have
no idea how they got there and where to move them.

I'd like to MKDIR c:\docs and RMDIR c:\csextras, but
don't know how to put \desktop and \icons back
wherever they belong.

Present situation screws up save/gets I use to call
files in various subdirectories under \docs which I
use constantly.

Much TIA for any help from a patient Xy savant.

Bruce Felknor