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Y2K bug in DATE?

I have just discovered that if one sets DEFAULT dz=yymmdd (or any order
where the year is specified as only 2 characters), the DA command will
give you a THREE-character year of 103! For example:
dz=MMddyy; DA->0929103
dz=MMddyyyy; DA->09292003
dz=yyMMdd; DA->1030929
Is this the Y2K bug that vers. 4.018 fixed? Ironically, I usually (having
lived through the Y2K brouhaha) am very careful to use 4-char years; but
right now I'm doing something for which I need a 6-char date field. Would
it be legal/ethical for someone to send me the Y2K fix (I never got a
notice of it from TTG)? If not, is there any way in XPL to get the
equivalent of a Basic or xBase right$ function, storing just the last two
chars of a 4-char year to a SG? I've looked over the recent discussions
of parse, but both they and the docs specify the need for a divisor
character, so to speak.