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OT: Missing Bookmarks

I know this is OT, but FF & TB topics do come up here occasionally, to say nothing of Eudora files et al. (A more technically-oriented and wider-ranging List that I subscribe to has been down for awhile . . . . )

In an inattentive moment, I let the final FireFox 2.x upgrade itself to ver. 3.05. Ordinarily, I
probably would have tried to get it on as a separate install, retaining both versions for awhile, if
at all possible. The new version has improved security and other features, but is a much less
mature product, and quite a few extensions (Add-Ons) for 2.x are not compatible with it.

Anyway, now 16 of my most recent bookmarks have "gone missing", so far as any outside
bookmark file inspection -- as by ZTree or Xy -- can reveal. When I fire up FF-3, they are still
there, in the expected order, and they still work. This bothers me, not the least reason being for
backup purposes. The first thing I thought of was our old friend Hex-1A, a.k.a. the premature EOF
marker. No sign of that, however. Duplicate bookmark files squirreled away somewhere else ? Can't
find anything like that either. I think I recall a mention somewhere that FF was moving away from
HTML/XML/XUL towards the use of SQL, for certain things. If that's not it, I'm stumped for the

Ideas ?