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vDosPlus XyWrite 3.07 available

Hi all,

This week's installer can be downloaded now:

Hopefully soon also mirrored.

Changes include:

Now you can mimick fancy modern editors with vDosPlus XyWrite by using the new transparent application window feature (TRANSWIN).

Several fixes to existing features, including:
- Copying and pasting text by clicking the Ctrl+Win+left/right mouse buttons in full-screen mode
- Copying text with Ctrl+Win+left mouse click when border padding is set
- Mouse button click that switches the focus back from another Windows application will no longer be converted into a keyboard press (CLICKMOD)
- Better SETCFG error handling
- Support for vDosPlus internal commands (USE, UNUSE, SETCFG etc) when using MS-DOS 7.10 COMMAND.COM or FreeDOS COMMAND.COM as the command shell in vDosPlus
- And more...


Best regards,

Kari Eveli
LEXITEC Book Publishing (Finland)

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