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Re: 12000 lines?

Reply to note from Daniel Say  Sat, 14 Nov 1998 20:14:23
-0800 (PST)

-> Any quick fix to making XY show lines rather than page+lines
-> when I work on a line-indexed 12000 line file?
-> I have to go back and forth between a printout and the line-
-> numbers.

My program LINENUM, in XyWWWeb.U2, will do it. It creates a line-
numbered *copy* of the subject file in the adjacent screen. I just
tested it on a 16,000-line file and it worked fine.

Bear in mind, however, that what LINENUM numbers are DOS lines (text
delimited by CrLf's), not formatted lines. If you want formatted
lines, LINENUM isn't for you.

Carl Distefano