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Re: Unicomp Keyboard with left function keys

It's not silent -- buckling spring keyboards do make noise at key contact, if you remember the IBM days.   Am not sure where you'd split the difference between damned and maddeningly, but it's conceivable that rain storm on the roof might drive a third party crazy.  The company does make silent versions, but not for every model. 

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Subject: RE: Unicomp Keyboard with left function keys

Is it a] silent, b] noisy, c] damned noisy or d] maddeningly noisy?
Of interest to those sharing small apartments.

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Yes, it's a good keyboard I've been using for years. Much better than this one also sold by Unicomp (for the mac):

Lisa Kleinholz (Redacted sender lkleinholz for DMARC) wrote:
> A while ago someone on the list posted that Unicomp was making a
> keyboard with function keys on the left. I just ordered one, and it's
> terrific. Replaces a dying Avant Stellar keyboard. Here's a link
> http://www.pckeyboard.com/page/product/40L5A
> This list continues to make my working life much easier! Thanks so
> much to all.
> Lisa Kleinholz
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