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Re: xywwweb.u2

Reply to note from "Morris Krok"  Mon, 28 Jan
2002 06:01:32 -0800

> Lately my xywwweb.u2 file is acting erratically. When I call up
> a program such as callnext or cwd/s it comes up with the
> message application error. For this reason I am now using
> callnext as a stand alone program in my main xy4 director so I
> can ldpm it. However, I have not been able to do this with
> cwd/s. I am interested to know what changes must be made to it
> so that I can use it in the same way.

Why don't we just get to the bottom of this "erratic" behavior? ZIP
up your U2 file and send it to me privately; I'll see what I can
see. While you're at it, add your STARTUP.INT and .KBD files to the
.ZIP file. I have a hunch there's a very straight-forward
explanation for these error messages.

Carl Distefano