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Re: eeeditor

--- On Wed, 1/14/09, Jon Pareles  wrote:

> From: Jon Pareles 
> Subject: Re: eeeditor
> To: xywrite@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
> Date: Wednesday, January 14, 2009, 10:07 PM

> In fact I now find larger screens grainy and annoying at
> times. With TAME, I'm using the Aurulent font at 14
> points in a 25-line XY window, and it's wonderfully
> readable. Even un-TAMEd, I could pump up Lucida Console
> fairly well.
> I've had to tweak Windows display settings and browser
> settings to get icons and web pages to display in
> non-microscopic sizes, but once tweaked, the only glitches
> are with certain inflexible web pages. XY is absolutely no
> problem on a small screen.
> Jon Pareles

Yes, but do you need to scroll around constantly, in the course of doing your writing, because of
the screen size ? I think that had been a primary objection, and -- at least for me -- it would
become a drag fairly quickly. The characters you type need to have not only a requisite size and
sharpness, but (in my opinion, anyway) you also need to be able to track wide enough lines at any
given time for it to be appealing. Otherwise, it's fine just for memos. You know, I wouldn't want
to write anything bigger than a haiku on my Brother labelmaker . . . .