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Re: New XyWrite release

>I am a little perplexed by some of the comments regarding
XyWin's load time. I >can understand where it pertains to older
machines, but I timed it last night >on a 75mhz pentium and it
was up and waiting for a command in just under 7

   That's if you have windoz already loaded -- which many of us
Windoze apps load up windoz first under OS/2 -- although once any
one windoz app is loaded, another seamless windoz session loads
markedly quicker. It also depends upon how many others apps (dos
or windoz or OS/2) are already loaded when you start up that
session. I normally have about 8 windows going at once, plus the
desktop -- which has a large bitmapped background -- and loading
XY takes about 8 sec although some of that is loading MulitLex
But on my 486 w/8mg, I think it was more like 20 sec.

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