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Re: Left Mouse click = plus sign?


I've never used the xywrite installer, so I added clickmod=0,0 manually, on your suggestion.  That put an end to it.  Thanks.

From: Wengier W
To: "xywrite@xxxxxxxx"
Sent: Wednesday, December 21, 2016 2:12 PM
Subject: Re: Left Mouse click = plus sign?

Hi John,

Recent versions of vDosPlus introduce a feature to convert left and right mouse clicks to keyboard presses when you have MOUSE=OFF, customizable via the CLICKMOD config option. The default value in the standard vDosPlus installation is CLICKMOD=1,4 (i.e. left mouse clicks are converted into Enter keys, and right mouse clicks are converted into ESC keys), but the default value in the vDosPlus XyWrite installation is CLICKMOD=0,0 (i.e. the feature is disabled). Based on the behavior you just described, you must have CLICKMOD=1,4 and MOUSE=OFF, and you have customized the Enter key to output the "+" sign in Xy3. If you don't need the feature to convert left and right mouse clicks into keyboard presses, then you can either set CLICKMOD=0,0 or MOUSE=ON in config.txt. Or, you can change the keyboard presses to be converted by customizing the CLICKMOD config option; you will find more information about this in config.txt. Hope this helps.


On Wednesday, December 21, 2016 9:44 AM, John Paines wrote:

With a setting of AUHIDEMS = ON, I find that left mouse click enters a "+" sign into the document (right click produces the esc symbol).  Am not using any of the recently introduced modifications for copying and pasting text.

So, whenever focus is returned to the vdosplus window with a mouse click, it enters a plus sign into the current document.

Any way to prevent this?  Thanks all.