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Re: running Xy on a Mac

And presumably, one can install XP on Parallels on new and future Macs as well as old ones? (In other words, we don't expect a new version of Parallels that won't accept older versions of Windows?)

So we're talking about running Xywrite (and Tamedos, I assume) on a virtual XP inside a Mac. Sounds like a lot of moving parts ... but if it works, it works.
It works seamlessly.
What snags have you encountered? There must be some!
One annoyance: there's a drop-down menu item on the Mac for the virtual machine that lets you assign drives, USB ports, printers, CDs and other peripherals to either the Mac or the PC and I find that it frequently "forgets" what you've chosen. So about once a week, I have to mouse over to the Mac monitor where I see the "Devices" menu item, click on it, click on USB (or whatever) and re-assign something to Windows (i.e., check it). No big deal.

BTW, there's no detectable speed drop off in running XP on Parallels because you are not emulating a machine in software, you are telling the (Intel) CPU of the Mac to expect Windows BIOS calls, or whatever. So it's a hardware-based virtual machine not a software-based emulation.

Let me illustrate how seamless Parallels is. As I said, my right dual-monitors are assigned to Windows (this is an option I chose--doesn't have to be that way) and the Mac laptop's screen is set to be only Mac. When I move my mouse back and forth between Mac screen and Windows screen, it instantly and automatically changes the cursor from Mac's cursor (black) to Windows cursor (white). This is strictly a function of whether the cursor is in a Windows area or a Mac area, without andy clicking on anything. Amazing.
Harry Binswanger