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Re: U2 version 119

** Reply to message from Judith Davidsen  on Mon, 02
Jan 2006 15:05:39 -0500


> Is this okay? Can I just proceed?
> Do I need to correct something?

I think it's just fine. Make sure you SAve the REG file after you inspect it.
That temporary file is just, well, a temporary file. I didn't ABort or DELete
it because it was handy to me during development; I'll get rid of it now. How
does your REG file look? For example, near the top, where it says
"Comspec_W{yourOS}=" does it have a proper filespec pointing at your command
processor? I would guess it should say "C:\WINDOWS\system32\CMD.EXE"...

It occurs to me that I should add to the README.HTM instructions that, just
before RUNning REGCFG.PM, you should LOAD the new XYWWWEB.U2! Because
REGCFG.PM calls certain frames in U2... And the REGCFG.PM should also check to
make sure that you actually have a REG file ready and waiting in Editor's
directory, otherwise there's no file to configure!... Aargh. OK, I just added
checks for that to the PM. Revised copy of the PM is in U2UTILS.EXE at XyWWWeb

I should also probably add a few words to the effect that REGCFG.PM *normally*
issues a lot of File Not Found or Device Not Ready "errors" during the course
of looking for files - meaningless stuff. Unfortunately, those messages can't
be suppressed, "alarming" though they may seem (I can't both redirect output to
a file and send STDERR msgs to the NUL device).

Robert Holmgren