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Re: XPL shortcuts etc.

At 12:20 PM 12/24/96 -0800, Eric van Tassel wrote:
>(1) One of the blessings of Tyson's "XyWrite Revealed" (written for XyW
>III+) was programs like FUNCCMD.PM, which allows the user to input any
>function call on the command line -- e.g. for a search or replace
>instruction -- in ordinary keystrokes. Does anyone know if FUNCCMD.PM
>(which I believe was painfully cobbled together by itemizing the Hex
>equivalents of all the possible func. calls) has a counterpart for Xy4
>and/or for XW?
In Xy4 assign this to one of your keys (whose number is designated by nn)
nn=bc,s,e,/,f,n, ,/,{12},/,cl

The "{12}" should be the little male symbol that equates to 12 ASCII.
The "cl" at the end puts your cursor in the right place to then type in the
two-letter mnemonic for the function. Obviously, you can make an equivalent
for the replace command.


Harry Binswanger