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#110818-#XyWrite & SC

Jim: OK, try this: edit SUPER.KBD or whatever you call that file.  Put the
following on the shift-down arrow key:

80=BC,H,e,l,l,o, ,J,i,m,!

Save the file.  Reload SUPER.KBD.  Switch to partition 2, shift-down arrow.
Then switch back to XyWrite.  If you are having the same problem as I was, then
"HELLO JIM!" will greet you on the command line.  If not, then XyQuest has made
some sort of change between versions 3.51 and 3.52a.

Then enter this instead: "80=<space><cr>"  <space> and <cr>
meaning, of course,
space and carriage return.  Do the partition jump to the partition represented
by the down arrow.  When you return a space has been entered into your text.

Try it again except make it "80=<NUL><cr>" by entering the NUL via
alt-shift-00. When you return from the the partition jump your text should be
exactly as you left it.

To restate, as long as you don't change any of the functions assigned to
shift-keypad and you are not using columns, you shouldn't have much of a
problem with partition swaps.  But if you do. . .  <<<Paul