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Re: URGENT--features for "XyWrite 5," replies needed


These tidbits excite my curiosity. In expanded view, we see "modern"
coding, is the Xy3 compatibility mode still under way?

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Harry Binswanger kirjoitti 11.1.2019 klo 0:42:
Yes and yes. Yes, I thought of "go fund me" but it was a bit too complicated for me. Yes it handles long filenames fine. And it has no 64k memory limit for things like XPL. Here are two screen shots: http://www.hblist.com/Xy5/NB_long_filename_and_fonts_display.png http://www.hblist.com/Xy5/NB_long_filename_eXPanded.png We are only at the halfway mark now, so be patient.