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Re: colors

** Reply to note from "Bob Brody"  Sun, 8 Dec 1996 22:22:34 +0000

> In XyWrite for Windows can I set default colors for text and
> background?

I don't think so. In the graphic mode of Xy4DOS, you toggle the fourteenth
(!) element of VAriable BX to a value 0-255, and thereby enable a very wide
range of foreground/background combos (including those you mention), which
basically correspond to the colors of IBM textmode. I wrote a program that
toggles this value automatically. But in XyWin, it doesn't work. Beats

> Basically the text in draft or page/line modes is too small.
> This stuff is configurable, right?

Theoretically, yes. But there are very few available "OEM" fonts that you
can find to replace the default. A nice big font that might fill your bill
is 8515OEM.FON. I found it in XGAWIN21.ZIP, which is an IBM file (I
think), it may be available at our upenn.edu FTP site, otherwise I'll just
post it here again... Then you locate the OEM file in \WINDOWS\SYSTEM, and
plug it in to SYSTEM.INI (Win95|Win3.x|Win-OS/2|WINE|whatever) thus:


> Lastly, when I go to WYSIWYG mode, the bottom tail of text
> disappears

Leading, I think. Seem to recall that was a recognized problem with the
first XyWin release. I haven't seen it lately. Are you using v4.12? Dump
autoleading and raise the LInes value a bit; problem goes away. Gte latest

Don't mention it!

Robert Holmgren