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Re: colors

Robert Holmgren replied:

> Get XGAWIN21.ZIP (containing 8515OEM.FON) at:

>  ftp://hobbes.nmsu.edu/windows/xgawin21.zip

> It's big (450+Kb); maybe I'll just post the one file here:

Thanks. I didn't know I could customize the Windows color schemes
globally but was just informed accordingly. I've since made the
adjustment in Control Panel to my preference, named/saved the
scheme and everything looks most excellent. Plus I can toggle to
something else if need be.

With a deep blue b.g. and pale yellow text f.g., XyWin looks fine
(to me) and the XPL is *much* easier to see since the bolded
function calls are more distinguishable. I don't need to play
around with the fonts now but I'll tinker to see what that's about
as well. Thanks for the font file.

I just noticed the Maximum Display toggle in XyWin. That I like.
By and large the program seems okay to me, not that it doesn't beg
for some polish and improvement. I've encountered a curious error
on more than one occasion whereby I'm out of XyWin, completely
quit, etc., and go to start it again. "Cannot start more than one
copy of the specified program." But there isn't another copy
loaded. I have to quit Windows and restart. And the log/resume
gave me some problems but I think I screwed up there since it's
working okay today.

Oh well. We wreak what we sow.   Windows users no doubt
enjoy the punishment.

> Hey! Yesterday Lithuania, today Serbia, last week Denmark: what's
> going on here anyway?

Satellite routing, I think, when I'm on my boat. I dunno. It's
pretty weird, 'tho.